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Welcome to

Dokuwiki Hosting

We love Dokuwiki. We love Dokuwiki so much, we provide free Dokuwiki hosting. It really is free. No forced ads or anything. You can get your own subdomain at or, including HTTPS support.


We provide a free, privacy-friendly pastebin service at

SSL Certificate Warning?

It is likely that you were forced to click through a scary certificate warning for this site, and any hosted wiki. We use certificates signed by the community-driven non-commercial (and excellent) CAcert. They are as safe as commercially signed certificates (or safer even!). The CA cartel does not want you to know about the alternative, so most browsers don't come with CAcert. But hey, great news: You can add their root certificates into your browser with only a few clicks. You should do so right away!

We would not mind to use a commercially signed certificate. If you want to donate towards this, feel free. ($60 per year)


We value the privacy of users and visitors. Our servers don't log IP addresses at all. The rest of the logs are only kept for a short time (to help us fix problems), and safely “shredded” afterwards.

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