Dokuwiki Hosting


  • There are absolutely no guarantees. We make backups, and there are no plans to shut this down, but you should do regular backups yourself as well. Don't be afraid, there is no lock-in: You can download a zipped copy of your complete wiki in the control panel.
  • There is NO support whatsoever for free wikis. There is a community mailing list, and we are also on the list, so if you have questions, comments, suggestions, anything really, you should use this list. Every Wikiowner should be on this list for important announces.
  • Fair use: In general, we try not to limit storage or bandwidth. We do however limit file uploads to 1 MB. Whenever possible prefer external storage over integrated storage. If your wiki becomes too popular, we will not kill it, but talk to you and find a solution.


There is a demo wiki at It matches exactly what you will receive when you sign up for your own wiki. The default login is “admin”, the password is “headstrong”. Spammers, there is no use in filling the demo wiki. It resets every hour, and search engines are told not to index it.

Signup and more information

We are in a testing phase: Currently, you need a valid invite code. If you did not get any, you can request one on our mailing list.

If you have an invite code, go to to register.

Plugin and template installation is disabled for security reasons. If you want us to add something, let us know on the mailinglist.

You can also ping “gamambel” on freenode or OFTC, if you know what that means. :)

Technical Documentation

The whole setup is documented on Github. The createwiki script is open source. Enjoy!

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